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    AVI trouble, I can't see anything, only a green screen HELP


      As I told in the Title, My problem is this, when I import an AVI file in Adobe Premiere PRO CS6,I can't see nothing but a green screen.


      I'm a CC user, I work on a Mac Book Pro, MAC OS X 10.6.8, the file I'm trying to import come from a security camera the file is:




      dim. 704x576


      3 FPS


      Pixel 1,0


      On my Mac I have VLC and I'm able to see the video on VLC, but ADOBE can't see this file in the followings ADOBE software; premiere pro CS6, Bridge CS6 even the ENCODER, always I see a green screen, I can push play, it plays video but I can see only GREEN...


      All the ADOBE programs DON'T give me any Error report, only that green screen...


      Please HELP ME!!!