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    Unable to install an extension in Extension Manager CC...


      I have had some problems getting Extension Manager up and running in an AD environment.  I ran the patch given to me by Adobe and I now can get the Program to boot up.  However, I have another problem now.


      I go into Extension Manager and click the Install button in the top right area.  I find the .zxp file I have extracted and click open.  I then get the Extension Manager Disclaimer and Accept the terms.  It starts the process but stops and I get an error message saying:

      File path '\\(Our server name)' is invalid.  The extension will not be installed.

      Note: I put (Our server name) there as a placeholder for our actual server name.


      Is there a way in the registry to swap out reference to our server name to an actual drive letter?  This seemed to fix some Adobe issues in the past but I have no idea where to do this for the Extension Manager.

      Any other suggestions would be most welcome.


      Thanks in advance,

      Richard Sedivy