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    Installing CC


      So I downloaded a trial version of CS6.  Loved it and signed up after a few days for CC.


      Downloaded the CC manager and installed that ok.


      But here's the problem; my version is stil CS6.  I can't get access to the CC version - it doesn't show up on the list of programs in CC manager.


      Ok, figured I would uninstall CS6, uninstall CC manager and start over.


      That didn't work.


      So I went through Adobe support.  They took control of my PC (Win 7) and unsinstalled CS6, ditto CC Manager, and reinstalled.


      Same problem.


      Then the technician did the same again but this time ran a little utility which I think was called CC cleaner.


      Same problem.


      So then they gave me a case number (184439 866) and promised that a senior technician would call next day in UK business hours.  And they did - well almost.  The call came at 6-00 as I was just about to leave for the day.  Said they would call again in business hours.


      Since then, nothing.... tumbleweed!  A ghostly silence from Adobe.  Got hold of support again, they identified the ticket and in effect just told me to be patient and someone would call.  But nothing.... all quiet.


      This is the first time I've had to contact Adobe for support, is this typical?  I'm only trying to use the correct program that I've signed up for.  Not too difficult, is it?


      It must be at least two weeks now - maybe three.  And the credit card I used for CC is about to expire - I'm thinking of letting it expire and not updating the billing info and saying bye bye.


      Last throw of the dice... anyone out there can help?  Please....

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Sorry to hear about the installation issues.  This experience certainly isn't typical, from my experience, but let's see if we can get things working right now.


          The typical installation experience goes something like this:

          1. Login to https://creative.adobe.com/ and click on Download Center.
          2. Adobe Audition should be visible at the top of the application icons.  Click Download below it.
          3. The Download link, in fact, brings you to a page ABOUT Audition.  Huh.  In any case, there's a big, blue Download link on this page, too.  Click this link.
            1. If you don't already have the latest Creative Cloud Setup installation tool - formerly Adobe Application Manager - it will install first.  This gets installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Creative Cloud\ and you should see a progress dialog during the installation that looks like this:
              Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 10.37.36 AM.png
            2. Once this installation is complete, the Creative Cloud app should launch automatically and after a moment or two, and possibly signing in if necessary, you should see Audition CC downloading under the Apps menu item.  (You may need to step through the 4 initial setup steps on first launch.  You can skip them if you wish.)
          4. Once Audition is installed, it will be added to the Start programs list, and should be located at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Audition CC\


          Can you run through these steps and let me know at which point things fall apart.  If you install the Creative Cloud Setup tool, but it doesn't launch automatically, can you try to launch it manually and let me know the results?




          edit: You can also find the direct download links for the Adobe installers by visiting http://prodesigntools.com/adobe-cc-direct-download-links.html  This is not officially supported, but if there's a problem with the CC Setup tool, then this may let us work around for now and get Audition installed.

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            TheColinDay Level 1

            Thanks for trying to help.  I've attached a screenshot - I followed the steps.  No mention of Audition CC - the only option is CS6.  Feel like I missed a meeting somwhere....



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              ryclark Level 6

              Have you looked much further down the list? If you haven't yet installed Audition CC it should appear like Bridge with an Install box along side it. Only installed software shows at the top.

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                TheColinDay Level 1

                Yes I did that - it's not lower on the list - but thanks anyway.

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                  _durin_ Adobe Employee



                  Let me get in touch directly after I follow-up with our installation/activation team and see what they suggest.

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                    TheColinDay Level 1

                    Thanks.  I might be slow to respond next week as I'm on tour, but I'll check in when I can.

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                      _durin_ Adobe Employee

                      Wait - Are you running a 64-bit edition of Windows?  Audition is a 64-bit application with this release, and applications which cannot run on the OS will not be displayed in the installer tool.  I notice that After Effects is also missing from the available applications list in your screenshot, which leads me to believe this may be the situation.

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                        TheColinDay Level 1

                        OP here......





                        Time for an OS upgrade.  Thanks to all