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    "Toggling Audio During Scrubbing" does not take effect when using keyboard scrub

    danzg Level 1

      When "Toggling Audio During Scrubbing", the toggle does not take effect until I hit play, or move around with mouse.


      If I am scrubbing with the arrow keys -- which is when I need Audio Scrubbing the most -- then the toggle has no effect. I have to scrub with mouse, or press play, for audio to toggle on/off.


      (I first reported this to Adobe nearly a year ago)


      I wish there was a feature like Avid, where you can temporarily enable audio during scrubbing by holding down the shift key, otherwise it is off.


      Usually I want audio scrub OFF, except when I am looking for a precise in point. With Avid I just hold down Shift and arrow around to find the spot.


      If this bug bugs anyone else, please file a bug report at https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform -- Adobe seems to be responding with lots of great fixes lately.


      Premiere is nearly perfect now ...

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          DA post prod Level 2

          Yes we've been waiting a long time for an audio scrub activate/deactivate function it's a good thing they added it.

          But it would be even greater if it would work with keyboard scrubbing not only mouse scrubbing. However and it's very odd, it works frame by frame with the frame by frame buttons. But we all mostly use keyboard arrows I guess.


          What is weird is when you deactivate audio scrubbing in the preferences (not using the Shift+S shortcut), it does work on mouse scrubbing AND keyboard scrubbing. But it's a waist of time to go to the preference menu each time you want to check just a single image of sound.


          I submitted a bug request, and would love to see improvement for this in the next update.