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    Passing Query String With Embed

      I want to incorporate a third party swf file with my application. So you do something like this:

      <mx:SWFLoader id="Load" source="@Embed(source='Local.swf')" height="100" width="350"/>

      But the swf requires a query string like this:

      <mx:SWFLoader id="Load" source="@Embed(source='Local.swf'?source_xml=gauge.xml)" height="100" width="350"/>

      I get an error on compile. How does one load a local swf and pass it a query string via Embed?
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          peterent Level 2
          Just do source="Local.swf'?source_xml=gauge.xml" and the SWF will be loaded dynamically. You won't be able to embed the SWF I'm afraid.

          If the SWF can be told what XML to load AFTER it is has started, you can embed it, then use LocalConnection to send it the name of the XML file. But you'd also have to be able to edit the FLA and build a new SWF if it doesn't already have this capability.