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    Missing "Photoshop" option in the Drop-down Menu Toolbar

    RonBoyd Level 1

      So today, I hear about "Syncing" my settings in Photoshop CC. In asking how to do that, I am told to go to the "Photoshop" option of the Dropdown Menu Toolbar. I don't have such an option -- my choices are File, Edit, Image, Layer, Type, Select, Filter, 3D, View, Window, and Help.


      When I go to Edit/Preferences/Sync Settings, I am not signed in and was never Synced. I have logged in to my Adobe Account online with Internet Explorer. And under the /Help dropdown menu is "Sign Out (my Adobe user name)"


      What am I missing?




      I see. The “Photoshop” option is a Mac thing. I have a PC. In any event, going to “Edit > [your Adobe ID] > Sync Settings Now” does not work because I lack the “[your Adobe ID] ” option. “Sync Settings Now” option is visible but only takes me to the “Preferences” area as described above.