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    This file has no audio or video streams

    Rovingfilmer Level 1



      I have been out filming all day with my Canon XA20 at 28mbps, 50fps and in MP4 mode.


      When I try and import my MP4 video files into Premier Pro CS6 (which is fully upto date) I get this error message -


      This file has no audio or video streams.


      Now this only happens with MP4 file types. I normally record in AVCHD but this camera has a feature that allows you to switch between MP4 and AVCHD, so today I shot in MP4.


      I have no idea why this is happening, everything is upto date and the camcorder works just fine. When I try and import any other file type other the MP4 premier pro opens it fine, but with MP4 I always have this problem.