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    YouTube videos ALWAYS freeze on the first five minutes!


      I have a problem with YouTube videos, and every YouTube video that I watch ALWAYS freezes on the first five minutes (the audio is still going but the video isn't)!  And it happens for ten freaking seconds!  I keep having to rapidly click on the pause button every single time it freezes until I finally pause the video and go back to when the time was before it froze so that it would not freeze again!  And this happens to EVERY YouTube video that's over five minutes!  I'm using Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer Flash Player Version 11.8.  Any video that I've played before version 11.8 worked fine. And when I played the same video over five minutes for Google Chrome, on about the five minute mark, it doesn't freeze for me on Flash Player version 11.8.  So the glitch only happens in Internet Explorer 10. Isn't there any way to fix the YouTube video "five-minute freezing" glitch?