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    How do I start an animation in one symbol when another symbols timeline ends?

    Kevin_808 Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      Thanks for taking the time to help with my issue.  Basically when one timeline ends I want it to start another one.  This is for a carousel.  So when one slides animates out I want it to trigger the next one to animate in.


      I am using this example:  http://blogs.adobe.com/edge/2012/07/18/tutorial-leveraging-independent-symbol-timelines/#c omments   (There is a link to an example and the source Edge Ani. files further down the page)


      The reason I am basing my project off that example is because I want my animation to animate out before loading the next slide to animate in like the example does.  Here is my site (Semi-Functioning) :



      The problem is that I want the animation to play from one slide to the next continuously until the user interacts with the buttons at the bottom.  I don't know how to make the end of one slide pass the perverbial baton to the next to get it moving.  Also, the STOP actions on the timeline may be an issue when I want the button code to work (Would I use a boolean variable and a conditional to determine weather or not it should stop if a click is detected? - as opposed to playing continuously if there is not user interaction)  I am pretty familliar with AS3 (Functions, loops, conditional statements, variables, arrays, etc.) but I am a bit rusty, and while I could figure out how to do this in AS3, that is almost a stumbling block when I go to do it in the Edge API with JS.  I find it really frustrating knowing I could have done this in flash    ...Oh well.


      Any help would be greatly appreiciated.


      Oh, and if you know a good place for me to parle my AS3 knowledge into JS knowlege, please share, that would be great!