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    GREP Help: Automatically Inserting an End-of-article Signifier


      I'm working on a magazine template, the future editions of which will be edited by someone without much design experience. As such, it's important that I automate the process as much as possible. The thing I'm stuck on is, I want to use a particular glyph to signify the end of an article. I figured I could make it simplest for the editor by creating a process that will insert it to all articles in the magazine with the GREP panel of Find/Change. I'd like InDesign to automatically locate the end of a story (which I believe is \Z in GREP) within my article paragraph style, and just before that, insert a Right Indent Tab (~y) and the glyph.


      Using \Z, coupled with my paragraph style format, I can locate the end of the story in the article. However, I can't seem change it to anything else. What am I missing here?


      Additionally, if you think there's an even more efficient way to do this—say, to have InDesign automatically and dynamically ifnsert the glyph without needing to use the Find/Change—I'd love to hear it.


      Thank you for any help.