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    RH 10 index issue with IE 10

    Timothy DM Level 1

      I have RH 10.  I applied the patch to generate output files for IE 10.  Links for index key words assigned to more than one topic do not display correctly for me in IE 10....


      In the above image, "Account class" has two linked topics.  The gray box displaying the topics no longer has the border it had in IE 8, the font size is larger than it was previously, the text of both topics is truncated on the right, and only part of the second topic is visible.  The image below shows the same info in IE 8 compatibility mode.


      Similar issues occur if more than two topics exist.  Has anyone else run into this?  Is there a resolution for it?  Thanks!



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          Freespirit-ST Level 1

          Sorry, Tim - I don't have an answer.  But another question possibly related - to my WebHelp Index in IE 10 from RoboHelp 10.  So, I'm "piggy-backing" here on your thread, and hopefully we will both get answers.  Actually, it's possible that maybe the solution will get us both our answers.


          When I launch my RH10-generated WebHelp in IE 10 browser, I am prompted by IE whether to "Accept blocked content", because IE was retricting the web page from running scripts or ActiveX controls.  I'm assuming that the scripts and ActiveX controls are related to DHTML and/or the Index.


          So, when I ignore this prompt (and not accept blocked content), the result is that my Index looks fine, BUT my DHTML drop-down text does not work.




          When I click button to Accept Blocked Content when prompted, my DHTML drop-downs work correctly.  But my Index looks bad (see below screenshot)


          IE10 Index Font Size Issue.jpg


          So, now I need help.  My DHTML drop-downs are essential to the Help - they contain all our steps and are all throughout.  However, it would be nice to have an Index in the correct font - which I believe was set to 9 pt. 


          How do I control the font size used in Contents, Index, and Search??  I was looking in the whibody.htm file, but did not see any clues there.


          Perhaps if Tim and I can get an answer about which RoboHelp files to check and modify to change the appearance of the Index entries, it would help us troubleshoot and resolve both problems.


          BTW - I did look at the Skin Editor, and the font size was set at 9 pt.



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            Freespirit-ST Level 1

            A developer here helped me realize what the font problem was. Before, the Contents tab was showing another very big font.  In the Skin Editor, I had selected Arial 9 pt as the size. He said that Arial is not a good font for the Web, and so IE 10.  He said that if the Web (IE 10 here) does not recognize Arial 9 pt, it will try to resolve it to another font - thus my results above.  He said that Tahoma or Verdana were better fonts for the Web.


            So, I changed the font in the Skin Editor for the Navigation to be Tahoma 10 pt.  And now the Contents tab is appearing with the normal, correct size font.


            The Index is the correct font size now, but showing up bold.  So more tweaks are now needed.


            That's my update (resolution?) - but not sure it helped you, Tim.

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              Timothy DM Level 1

              Freespirit-ST,  I used the Skin Editor to switch all fonts to Tahoma and then to Verdana.  No change.



              Note: Even though the Skin Editor (see below) shows the correct font applied to the Index topics, the generated project is still using Arial (above) for the index topics.


              I also noticed that the background color of the selected item (light blue behind selected topic in bottom image) is also not being applied to the generated output (Account Class in top image is underlined but does not have the light-blue background).


              Glad changing the fonts helped with your Contents tab issue.  RH 10 does still seem to need more tweaking for IE 10.



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                Freespirit-ST Level 1

                Thanks for replying here, Tim.  Yes, I agree - there are still some "mysteries" with the Skin Editor.


                My next challenge is to find out how to change the Search navigation pane so it will show the Search inpu inside the pane.  But, I think it I research further on the Forum I will probably find the answer.  This is not a problem - I just need to find instructions for setting it up.


                Good luck to us both!!



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                  agreenseth Level 1

                  I need help with this issue. I am using RH 10 to create WebHelp. We have the same issue with IE10 as shown in the first image in the first post (Timothy DM).


                  I have tried changing styles in our custom skin, including replacing Arial with Verdana. No matter what I try, one of two things happens. (1) The index pop-up shows links in 12 pt Times New Roman and the pop-up box cuts off the right side and bottom of the topic links. (2) The pop-up doesn't open at all. It behaves as though the index term has no topics linked to it.


                  Has anyone found a solution other than those mentioned above? Thanks! Ann

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                    Timothy DM Level 1

                    Ann, I have still not found a solution, and I still need one.  Thanks for reporting the results of your attempts to resolve this issue.  Tim

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                      Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but the X button (Hide Navigation Component) is missing in IE10. This can be seen in the first screen capture above whereas the second picture shows the red X. The supplied fix does not seem to address this aspect.


                      Edit: If you use the compatibility feature then the X appears.



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                        Timothy DM Level 1

                        While previous font type and size experiments using the Skin Editor did not help, I experimented with the whibody.htm (web help index) web page.  I thought I was making some progress, but did not find anything that I would call a resolution.


                        Credit to Freespirit-ST's developer, I tried changing font types and sizes.  I changed all fonts types, and none had an effect on the popup box's font type.  I changed font sizes in the "WritePopupMenuLayer" function.  For my WebHelp, 12pt was optimal (If I used anything smaller, topics in the Index popup box were still cut off).  In IE 10, I now have:


                        Unfortunately, while this creates a blank space to the right of the popup in IE 10, a background box with visible borders appears in IE 8.


                        Further, upon initial display of the Index in IE 8, only the top 3 topics displayed in the index.  I had to mouseover the TOC tab and then return to the index to get the full index to display.


                        Hope someone at RoboHelp is looking into this.



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                          Timothy DM Level 1

                          Follow-up to previous.  Popup box font seems to always display Times New Roman on my system.  Changed all font types in whibody.htm to Times New Roman.  Changed all font sizes to 12 pt.  Background box issue above went away in IE 10 and IE 8:


                          While index font size is supposedly 12pt (index terms in left column should be same size as text inside popup), the size of the index terms looks more like 10pt or 8pt.


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                            Timothy DM Level 1

                            More experiments.  Not sure why, but the index popup box in IE 10 appears to be controlled less by the whibody.htm page than by the IE 10 browser settings.  In IE 10, the text font specified on the font screen (Tools→Internet Options→Font button) appears to override the font family/type specified on the whibody.htm page.  Also, the View→Text Size selection influences whether the text does/does not fit within the bounding box defined in RH10.

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                              GregT42 Level 1

                              As I mentioned before, IE10 works reasonably well but no X close TOC button in the TOC bar unless in compatibility mode. The rest of this is what I saw while testing IE11 briefly


                              IE11 shows no TOC entries at all unless in compatibility mode


                              Can force compatibility with this in the startup htm:

                              <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9">


                              <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE9">


                              IE10 and IE11 show TOC entries in a squashed/smaller font, this can be fixed in IE10 (but not IE11) with a compatibility mode.

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                                I have had this same issue as well whenever more than one topic is linked to an index term as originally described. I would prefer not to have to change the whibody.htm or the compatibility view settings. I have entered a bug report and am hoping that Adobe may be looking into fixing this.



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                                  I entered a bug report, too.

                                  I was able to make the index pop-up display the entire topic names by updating Whibody.

                                  However, I find that the pop-up window often displays nowhere near the keyword that I clicked. Especially when you start clicking on keywords past the first page or so, the pop-up window always appears way up at the top. On some computers, my testers are saying you cannot see it at all.