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    Giant Black Block covering SOME imported videos

    akpasta Level 1



      I've been working on a project in Adobe Pemiere Elements 11 for the past couple months and I just finished the project. I've been trying different export formats to find the best one for my purposes and I noticed after exporting to flash my project has some strange symptoms, there are three video clips that will no longer display properly. These clips have a giant black block in front of them. They look like this:




      This occurs for three clips on my project timeline that each come from three seperate sources. I attempted to delete the clips, re-import the video from their sources, but that didn't work. I even started a new project and imported the videos and they were still chopped off. I don't believe I changed any Premiere Elements preferences or any of my project settings. I have NO CLUE what is going on. Could someone please give me some advice?


      Thank you.