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      I am modifying whtbar.js and need an alternative to top.frames[1].bsscright.location that would work in Chrome.


      function ViewTopicInPrintWindow()


      // opens the current topic htm file in a new window for printing

      var strCurPage = top.frames[1].bsscright.location;

      strCurPage += "?print=true"

      var newWindow = window.open(strCurPage, newWindow, "toolbar=no,location=no,status=no,menubar=yes,scrollbars=yes");



      This works fine in IE/FF but does not work in Chrome.


      Specifically Chrome does not understand top.frames[1].bsscright.location; and the javascript just stops executing at that line and does not open up a new window.


      I could change that to something like document.location and then the code works and the window actually opens but with the wrong HTM file: whskin_tbars.htm.