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    edge site not load on web


      Hello to all! I'm having problems with the sites produced with the edge animate!

      The problems are on the load time of the site!



      The pre load bearing normal appearing pre load the page but not going there!

      I saw that if one goes f5 the page reloads and often it loads normally! But it should not be so!



      Made to investigate the following tests:

      I was at a friends house and realized that depending on the speed and type of connection that happens!

      wifi or 3G has bigger trends this error happen!



      Internet at speeds below 1mb these problems also occur at the time of access!



      I was tested in firebug of firefox mozzila and also used the safari on iphone with ios 5.1.1 in debug mode and appears in safri 3 criticios errors that prevent the rendering of the site, and the fire bug tab network went to see what was being loaded and how fast and realized that everything loads normally but has a 1x1 gif files (which is not added at the time of the production site) from the url: s.ytimg.com



      And finally tried Unlockable gzip to try to skip those problems but nothing changes!



      If someone has to help me and many others would be very grateful since ja!


      sites: http://www.absinformatica.net/   http://www.hadjisuinara.com/


      # Paulo