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    download of acrobat x does not work, how do i fix it??

    tommyLlama.1 Level 1

      ...ok here is the short story.  Nove 2011 i purchased Acrobat x, installed it om my computer.  I just purchased two additional computers.  I contacted customer service they directed me to license.adobe.com to down load procedures.  i downloaded and registered "sucessfully"  but after several attempts to create pdf from scanner (same printer i use from the other computer to create pdf docs) it does: 1...pop up window "Bad parameter."...2...I attempt to close Adobe Acrobat, pop up window says"This operation is not allowed, since scanning in progress."...3...i retry this a dozen times...go to un-install BUT instead a attempt "Repair" to down load twice...4...I attempt to close adobe acrobat several times with no sucess...5...i attempt normal shut down of computer (multiple times)...and i get warning tht adobe acrobat is still open ...i do forced shutdown...i am looking at un-installing program and starting all over.   This seem like it would/should be a trouble free opperation.  I spoke w/ customer rep, was directed to download program, did so and resistered....whats up with that...;(