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    AE CC & PremierePro CC + Blackmagic Intensity issues

    regsquires Level 1

      I am having very weird audio with Premiere Pro CC which started off really crackly and then doesn't seem to work. Also in After Effects CC there is no mention of Blackmagic Audio hardware and I can't get audio out from it.


      In AE CS6 it comes up as an option. I un installed the previous drivers after installing Creative Cloud and installed the latest ones from Blackmagic so I am on 9.7.5. I have tested Final Cut Pro X and audio and video playback is fine. AE CS6 plays fine and you can see the Blackmagic audio hardware in the preferences. Picture and sound are available in the After Effects Preferences. I have also tried Premiere Pro CS6 and this sees the Blackmagic Audio hardware and plays back perfectly.


      So I have picture playback in both Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, although I did just try AE CC and it beachballed and lost the Blackmagic card in the prefs. So that's probably buggy. But sound is the big issue with no audio hardware visible in prefs in AE CC and fuzzy sound on PremPro CC on start up. Not really ideal at all


      all the best