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    Adobe_Edge Forum + Edge_Action Forum (?)

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      I would like to propose this Idea to Adobe Edge Animate group:

      I follow a logical grid to communicate my idea:


      1 - Apparently most early adopters of Edge-Animate are Flash developers.

      2 - For Flash Developers, we had 2 separate Forums, Adobe Flash + ActionScript Forum

      3 - It seems that Edge-Animate software is using a similar functionality as Flash, Timeline+Coding

      4 - Timeline is pretty familiar, however the Coding is tricky and is the Advanced part of getting productive with Edge.

      5 - Edge Animate Forum provides very basic/or no help as far as Coding, considering it a Jquery discussion perhaps.

      6 - There are 2 downsides to Number5. The first one is the fact that even searching for answers somewhere else like OverStack, does not always help, because the standard practice for non adobe developers is to have HTML, CSS, JS files separately, and thats how they recommend solutions. Those solutions not always translates to the style Edge treats things. The second problem is, Marketing Aspect, Adobe is losing users, because we trusted/liked edge and we are giving it a try, but if the forum is not as supportive and active as ActionScript ls/was, then we need to seek for help outside the community, where you start questioning, Now that I am learning CSS, HTML, Jquery, Ajax, and resources are limitless, then why should i consider Edge? The whole point of edge was to offer a platform where you DO NOT need to bother learning much about CSS,  Jquery and html. Its like if Flash had no support for ActionScipt, (I understand that Jquery, CSS are much more global scripts,  but still, edge has its own style of dealing with these scripts. maybe i m wrong.)




      IDEA: Having a Forum for "Edge-Action", where we can solely focus on coding in edge. no matter if questions are Jquery related, or Css, the idea is, to find solutions for making things function in Edge Code panels. Maybe some staff with extensive Jquery background, I know many creatives, who can do crazy stuff with this software, and actually enjoy the process of creating things in a creative design environment. but they are paralleled by not being able to get going with the Codes in Adobe Edge. So far the only helpful document we have is the JavaScript Api which is a great starter but definitely not enough.



      Thanks. If you like this idea please comment.