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    Seperating UI and data

    kruse Level 1
      I’m about to construct a new Coldfusion application and I want do use an object orientated approach.
      But I don’t know how I should do this.

      I have read the article written by David Friedel. Building an object oriented user interface with Coldfusion MX http://www.adobe.com/devnet/coldfusion/articles/oo_interface.html
      He tells about the principles but not the actual development

      I have created a cfc library containing data retrievers. These cfc’s should provide my UI with the necessary data.

      Now I’m about to construct the User interface (UI) but I don’t know how I should combine the user interface with the data.

      I plan to split the UI in small function (Widget) just like in the article. Maybe I will have a grid showing some employees The UI part I would then insert into either a cfm or cfc.

      If I put it into a cfm and use CFINCLUDE to use it I can’t pass the data query to it.
      But then if I put into a cfc and use CFINVOKE I can pass the data to it. But then the cfc will fail because it uses the CFGRID and I don’t intent to insert a CFFORM into each cfc.

      How do you do this?