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    Anchored object with text wrap

    TangeloPomelo Level 1

      How do I create an anchored object with text wrap so that when there isn't enough space for the object in the current text frame (with text) , it automatically flows (text and object) into the next frame (and is wholly contained within the new frame)?


      Is there a way to 'clear' an anchored object so that a particular paragraph style will start on a new line (instead of wrapping)?


      Basically, I want a heading above both an image on the right had side, and text wrapped on the left.

      Then I'd like another heading, with another image on the right, and text wrapped on the left.


      I'd like it all to flow nicely into succeeding frames on succeeding pages when space is too limited for the content.


      I roughly know how big the images are, I don't know how much text there is.


      Maybe an explanation of the secret paragraph around the anchored object would help?






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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          An image that is anchored basically behaves like a piece of text - so you can put controls on the paragraph that the image is sitting inside and tell it to Keep with Previous or Keep with Next etc.


          You can explore those options yourself.


          And you might want to look at using an Inline Anchor - again you can find more about that yourself.


          Hope that helps.

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            TangeloPomelo Level 1

            Anchored objects work in an interesting way. They are anchored at a certain point within the text, and the text wrap only occurs for text after the anchor point. Text preceeding the anchor point does not wrap.


            When you insert an anchored object and give it dimensions and check the option to 'Keep within top/bottom column boundaries', and more text is added above the anchor point, the text (which contains the anchored object insertion point) is displaced further down the text frame but if the anchored object already abuts the bottom of the column, it does NOT flow to the next frame or further down. It stays in position. The text from further up does not wrap around the anchored object, and goes on top of it. This is not the desired result. The preferred result is that the text and the anchored graphic flow to the next column.


            If we place the anchored object below the text with which it should be associated, again the text preceeding the graphic anchor point does not wrap, which is not desired end result.


            In the link I supplied are work-arounds that I did not fully understand and I had hoped that someone could explain those work arounds to me.


            However, at this time I will leave images to last and position them separately for this version of the document. At the next roadshow I will ask this question


            Unless someone can explain any of the work arounds that work for them?