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    Getting a coherent behaviour between two extensions of a bundle




      I have two extensions in my bundle. The first (A) needs the second (B) OPEN in order to get datas. I have fixed the problem of communication with CSXSEvents.  When the A is open, the B must be open too. But the B must evoluate by herself if the A is closed.


      The only solution i have found to get a coherent behaviour is to do "requestOpenExtension(B)"  on the following Event (com.adobe.indesign.Event.AFTER_SELECTION_CHANGED) of A.


      Obviously, even if I close those  two extensions and then, I change the selection, the extension B appears again.


      How can i  fix the problem? i have thought to close definitely the extension A on closing event of extension B but i'm not familiar with StateChangeEvent events and i'm not sure if it's the right solution. How can I close définitely an extension?


      Thanks for help .