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    Printed Documentation cut short

    Jacob Paso
      I am using HTML X5.0.2 to output to Word 2002. For this particular project, when I generate the printed output, my Word document includes all the topics up to a certain point, then skips to the index.

      I have tried rearranging the TOC to see if the cut point followed a certain topic, but it cut it short at a different topic. The Word doc ended up being 609 pages, even after I rearranged the TOC and ran it again. The Word doc did correctly reflect the changed TOC, at least for the topics it did print. The Printed Documentation always says it completed succesfully, and I don't see any errors (unless I don't know where to look for them, I assume they would pop up).

      I have checked out Peter Grainge's Print Issues (www.grainge.org), but at first glance haven't found anything that affects my problem. I originally imported this project to X5 from a very old version of Robohelp for Word, but I don't see any Word issues in the code.

      I am generating a single document, embedding images, no conditional build expression (I'm not using any conditional tags in this project) , usign the Project's CSS styles (I am not having problems with styles). I am running this on my machine, not a network.

      I have another project that I use to generate 800+ pages of printed documentation to Word 2002, and it has no problems.

      Any ideas?