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    Encore 5.1 when importing wmv encore only shows the lower half of the video ...


      When I import a wmv video file (created by premiere), encore only shows the lower half of the video. The upper half is black.
      It seems to be not depending on the video-size (resolution), as I experimented with different sources.


      The videos were made in HD (progressive) and I exported them via Adobe Premiere in several wmv movies (including pal, 25fps, widescreen).


      I know that this is not the way to create a dvd, I actually exported the files from Premiere to burn them on a data-dvd only.

      Now that I try to make my first attempts in Encore, I only used the files for practice but wonder why Encore is not able to interprete even not-optimal sources right...


      When I try to import the files via Adobe Bridge, the mwv videos are shown right but as soon as they are imported in Encore, there is only the lower half left !

      What is the reason for this behaviour ?


      There seems to be no way to change the video inside Encore (for correction) - transcoding for instance does not change the effect.


      Can anone help ? I know that I have to use another file format to create a DVD, but just in case you have to use a wmv file... it should not cut off the upper half of the video !