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    CF Builder closes after Firefox preview


      I'm using CF Builder (not 2) on Apache 2.2  with CF9.


      My project is set up just fine.  I have Firefox and IE tabs set up in the IDE for previewing.


      When I preview a cfm project in my project, the correct behavior for my site is to first require a login page to be rendered in the preview window. After supplying uname/pw, the page I'm intending to preview *should* appear.


      This correct behavior happens on the IE preview.  For the Firefox preview, the login page appears but then immediately after the login page is submitted, CF Builder completely closes.  Poof!  No error message or anything...it just shuts down.


      Any thoughts about what might be causing this FIrefox-only, only-after-login-is-submitted shutdown? 


      I've uninstalled/reinstalled CF Builder, cleaned out project settings, and even reinstalled CF9.  Nothing has changed this behavior.


      Help greatly appreciated!



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          Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee

          Hello CFsolar,


          Please create a New ColdFusion Project and then uncheck "Use Default Location" and then browse to cf_root\projectname. Select localhost under the servers tab and then hit finish. After creating a New ColdFusionpage, please preview the page in CFB2 window and external browsers.



          Anit Kumar