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    Download component - multiple files - link/display components




      I search components for download and find the foundation download component, but in real applications you need more complex components then this(multiple add/drop/ list of downloadable components/ multi language/multi choice ...)

      So ca somebody help me with this, what is the best solution to implement this components.


      Let's say if I upload from /siteadmin to a folder a few pdf/doc files (ex: download/pdffiles or download/ocs ...) what it's the best approach to list  this files?


      I tried to create(based on basic download component) a  list with com.day.cq.wcm.foundation.Download items but for some unknow reason is not working for me...

      I parse resources and create an instance of this object(new Download(res)) ...


      this is how the content/downloads look like:


      So please advice me how to display for this items or other dynamically generated items download links, how to implement this component, or what to use for this and if there are some components for this.


      Thanks, Lorand