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    List component dialog, In List tab 'Build List using' drowdown is not getting expanded

    Mubeena MA

      In List component dialog, 'Build List using' allows the author to select pages in different ways and also allows the dialog to open up with a second tab based on the option selected in that drop down.


      I tried with following scenario:


      Step 1: Double click the list component


      Step 2: Select an option from 'Build List using' say 'Fixed List', so Fixed List tab will open up as second tab


      Step 3: Select few pages


      Step 4: Click on List tab


      Step 5: Press OK


      Step 6: Reopen the dialog, make sure dialog shows two tabs (List, Fixed List) 


      Step 7: Try to expand the 'Build List using'


      Will rendering of tabs affect the dropdown??


      please explain what exactly happening in this scenario