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    External Javascript/Acrobat Form Functionality?


      A while ago, I created a request form in Acrobat for people in other departments in my company who needed certain files. Included in the Javascript was a list of data that populated the form when clicked on (several conditional drop-down menus). If it matters, the data is a list of book titles and ISBNs.


      Now we've added more books to our repetoir and I went back to add these new titles to the list; but I didn't realize that acrobat has a limited number of lines, and now it won't all fit. I get the error message "text is too big to be displayed."


      So now I'm a) trying to find an external javascript program for mac to run the data from that b) will not change how the form functions. I have no idea how to do this, or where to even start.


      Additionally, the form is supposed to be downloaded from our website for my co-workers to fill out and send back to me. It is too much to ask them to do anything else, like download another file and set acrobat to read it.


      Is this even possible? Or is there another solution?