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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 silent uninstall




      I was wondering if there are any silent uninstall string for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6?


      In the registry, the standard uninstall string is


      "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\core\PDApp.exe" --appletID="DWA_UI" --appletVersion="2.0" --mode="Uninstall" --mediaSignature="{7176B973-6011-43C1-AEBC-2D73FE7C6982}"


      I tried a few common switches such as --silent --mode="silent" --quiet , etc.


      Also, I tried running msiexec /X{7176B973-6011-43C1-AEBC-2D73FE7C6982} but receive an installer error mentioning this command is only usable for installed products.


      I have no issues when the application is installed with a package from AAMEE, as there is an extra MSI entry in the registry, but can't seem to find a solution for set-up based installation.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.