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    How do I convert a swf file created in Indesign into a stand alone file?



      I have created a presentation for a client that works as an indesign file exported as a swf, the swf imported into an indesign file and then this exported as an interactive pdf.


      I am wondering if its possible to convert my swf file so it works as a standalone file which would work without the client having to have flash installed but that would save creating an interactive pdf. It needs to work on both mac and pc. (so I don't think and exe file is the solution)


      I've tried doing this within flash, but my swf file doesn't give the option to 'convert to projector' which I was expecting (I'm using flash CS5 and indesign CS6). I have also tried exporting my prestentation to a FLA file from indesign, but get stuck with the spinning colour wheel when I try and open this in flash (the indesign file is big, it has lots of image, video and animation in it and is nearly 100 pages so i think this might be why it doesn't open in flash?


      Please can anyone help?