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    Photoshop CC Extensions menu is not selectable

    DigitalXIII Level 1

      Photoshop CC Extensions menu is greyed out. I cannot select event that menu.


      The extensions installed successfully in Extension Manager CC, no errors. I even tried uninstalling and trying just 1... no dice. I've reinstalled Extension Manager CC without success as well.


      A few of those extensions are scripts and those are available through the File > Scripts just fine, but the Extensions are not. I have no issue at home using them, but here on my work computer I cannot access them at all.




      In Photoshop CC, I cannot even click on the Extensions menu, not even exchange is available which is built in:




      I uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop CC and reinstalled the plugins and I still have the same issue. No error messages, it's just not selectable.


      Any ideas?