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    CS6 Removing threaded text without the text moving up

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      A small problem for me here is I have an  .indd doc almost ready to go. It has nested images and photo captions inserted using various word wrap around each image thruout the file. The images were placed next to text which references the image.


      Now I need to go to the beginning of the book and remove and replace some text but I know that when I do the remaining text will shift up and therefore I will be forced to re align the images on each page all over again which is painstaking.


      Is there a way to remove pages of unwanted text while retaining the original image to text placement?


      In other words I have a Forward that was originally 4 pages, I need to replace this with text which will span only one page. How can I remove the no longer needed text on the four pages without messing up the thread cause if I just delete  it will cause all the text to move up and I will lose the text and image placement of the orignal.


      Any help?


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Two possibilities.


          First and least amount of work, would be to break the thread at the end of the current forward. This should result in the rest of the doc being overset. Cut that overset text from just after the last character of the forward up to the end and paste into the first empty frame (which is still threaded to the following frames). You now have an independent forward story that can be edited without affecting anything in the other story. I'm a firm believer that all logical divisions of a long doc, such as forward and chapters, be independent stories, even when in a singel .indd file.


          Second, anchor the images and they'll move with the text.