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    Error reading an Excel file with a leading "#" in a cell

    Jamo Level 2

      Any recommendations on how to read an Excel XLSX file (using CFSpreadsheet) that has a leading "#" in a cell?


      I checked and this bug was reported over 2 years ago:


      (Please test and, if you encounter the problem, upvote to get this bug reopened.)


      The issue has been marked as "closed/withdrawn/cannot reproduce", but I am encountering the bug on the latest versions of both ColdFusion 9 & 10. It doesn't matter which format the column/cell is in. I've tried both "general" and "text".


      Here's simple spreadsheet sample data that will cause ColdFusion to throw an error:




      In some cases, the column is non-essential and it'd be ok to identify the column & remove it from the spreadsheet, but this can't apparently be done without first successfully reading the spreadsheet.


      Are there any work arounds for this?  Thanks.