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    Coldfusion 10 Updater not working


      So we installed CF 10 and things were going along fine, for awhile. The update component was working well until one day it did not work. When we log in we get the following message:


      "Error invoking CFC /ColdFusion10/cfusion/wwwroot/CFIDE/administrator/updates/download.cfc : Not Found [Enable debugging by adding 'cfdebug' to your URL parameters to see more information]"


      You can say OK but the updater will not work now. When you go to download and install the update the popup box warning you that the service will be started comes up but when you click on continue nothing happens!


      We tried to do a manual update of the update but that hosed the machine and we had to do a role back of the update. I spent a very hairy afternoon getting this back up and running!


      So the file, download.cfc, is there! I confirmed it and it appears to be ok. I even copied over the file from the test server, this is our production server, and it still did not see the file. 

      So the question is has anyone else seen this happen, and can I do a reinstall of the server software without losing all my settings and the like! Thanks for any help.