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    Why did I get an email my files are now in Revel?

    Pattie F Employee Moderator

      You may have received a message that your files have migrated from Photoshop.com to Revel. If this was the first email you read on the topic, it may have taken you by surprise. Some users did not read the earlier emails from Adobe or found that they were forwarded to their spam folders. The most recent emails sent were upon completion of migration of files from Photoshop.com to Revel. You may be asking, "Why did my files go there?". The reason is that you likely had stored files at the Adobe cloud storage service at Photoshop.com in the past, and  since that service is now being discontinued, we did not want you to lose your files. Users were given the option to opt out of the migration or allow their files to be put into Adobe Revel (another Adobe Cloud storage and sharing service) before the closing of Photoshop.com sharing and storage.  Users who had files on Adobe Photoshop.com Sharing and storage cloud site who did not opt out, had their jpg files copied to Adobe Revel.

      This was done as a convenience for customers so that they did not have to go to the effort of downloading from the one site and uploading to another since that can be very time consuming. Revel is a free account that you login to with the same credentials as you did on Photoshop.com. Although Revel is not a replacement for Photoshop.com (it has more of a focus on sharing between devices), it is an alternative. Users who never used Photoshop.com can also create an account.


      You can access Revel on a web browser at adoberevel.com or download an app for Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Here are some useful links that may help speed up the learning curve as well as give you places to read FAQ's, other's forum posts, or post you own if you need assistance:



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