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    Exporting Issues


      Hi there,


      The issue is since I recently updated adobe premiere pro when exporting my project when it is doing the "pass" phase it crashes the entire computer.

      Once this happens I have to force restart the pc as i lose all function to the mouse and keyboard. I only get this crashing issue when I go to export my video with any of the youtube settings it just keep crashing the PC and it is using a huge CPU usage chunk were as before it wasn't.


      I have

      Windows 7 64 bit

      8 gigs ram

      quadcore AMD FX 4170 4.2ghz cpu


      but as stated above ive not have any issues with rendering before this newest update that was released a couple of days ago.


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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This kind of thing sounds like a hardware issue.  Exporting can often stress out a system to the breaking point, kind of like stretching a rubber band that's got a notch cut in it.  Instead of just stretching, the rubber band will snap.

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            ToxicPanda89 Level 1

            That is the confusing part before it would use barely 50% cpu power. The machine would handle it like a breeze so I really don't understand what has changed since the new update. So I tried using prem pro on my i7 8 gigs laptop and that had the same results. So Im currently at a loss to why this is happening.... any thoughts would be grand.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Well, happening on two machines does lessen the chances of a hardware issue.  But it also increases the chance of a corrupt sequence, project, or media clip.


              Do you find the crash happening at the same spot every time, or in random spots of the export?


              Also, there were some issues with H.264 2 pass, which the update was supposed to correct.  Still, there is rarely any visible benefit to 2 pass encoding, so give 1 pass a test, see what happens.

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                ToxicPanda89 Level 1

                See I use h.264 youtube 720p I had no issues with it until after I did the update As I always use that encoder to get the job done. it doesn't even get to about 70 % on passing 1

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                  Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                  As I understand it (and I hasten to add that I'm no authority in this area), when the computer crashes, that points to a problem deep down at the kernel level where drivers live. A program can start a ball rolling that eventually sends the system into treacherous territory, but it cannot really be said to cause the system to crash. That doesn't necessarily rule out a corrupt project, but I'd think it would be less likely. If I'm right--and I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will drop in to correct me if I'm not--then I'd suggest that you start by look for hardware or drivers common to both systems.

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                    ToxicPanda89 Level 1

                    well the what i'm going to try first is uninstalling and reinstalling premiere pro and if that doesnt sort the issue i may revert back from premiere pro CC to CS6. but it's like i stated before the only change that has happened on either of the systems was that update from CC which changed the H.264 youtube preset as before when i exported it said encoding which took an average of 20 mins per 30 - 40 min video but now its changed to "passing" and does 2 stages of "Passing"

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      So change it back to 1 pass, dude.  Those presets are not set in stone, and it's certainly a lot easier than a reinstall.

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                        ToxicPanda89 Level 1

                        It's still the issue that it wont get passed even the passing 1, but i have uninstalled Prem pro CC and put back on CS6 and its working fine again? no idea why its working fine, but hey i'm not going to complain .


                        Thanks for the advice anyway from everyone.