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    CF 9 Session Variables Resetting

    cfpb Level 1

      We are experiencing the SESSION variables resetting in CF9.0.2 between page navigation.


      As I understand from other forums there was a patch for 9.0.1 to help with this but we are on 9.0.2 which was the cumulative release. Short of recoding every CFLOCATION and HREF. I have not seen a real solution for this issue posted on any forums as of yet.


      We have checked and looked into the CFapplication (application.cfc) files and making sure the Application, Session, and Clientmanagment are enabled. (So please save us all time and to do not reply with flippant did you try the obvious questions)


      Is there a real fix for this issue in CF9? Or are SESSION variables useless as of the 9th release?