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    Bad image quality after import from hlp project file


      I tried to import hlp and generate the chm help file. i used Robohelp Word before. However, after the import, all of the equations become image file (gif) in my chm project. And the files are resized to much bigger width and length in size. The Robohelp html set the preferred width and lenght on every image on all html files to resize them back to the original size, but the quality of the gift images are bad... I tried to do the resize manually in RoboScreenCapture, the images look better. But the resize % for every images are different.

      Do you know if there is any way to do mass resize of the images so i dont have to open the image 1 by 1 and resize them? And do you know if the percentage of robohelp html enlarge the image of the equation??


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi JW and welcome to the RH community.

          You are testing my memory here, but I think if you import the original HPJ file rather than the HLP file, you can choose what format your BMP files are converted into.

          There is no mass way of resizing images. Use RH inbuilt Resize tool - available in the Tools tab - for resizing images. I find it by far and away the best tool for the job.