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    AE7-crash/freeze/error because of not enough RAM

    DelphiDelphin Level 1



      I got a new job and my boss still uses After Effects 7. Now I had to set up a new PC with Win7 Ultimate x64 on a i5 2500K @3.5GHz and 8GB RAM. After Effects setups only without errors if I install it to the "program files" folder. Not the x86 one. Though as far I know it only runs in 32bit mode and it also sees only 4GB of RAM.


      Major prob: if I try to render a 1080p25 composition, the format doesnt matter... tried DV-AVI, FLV, MP4, H.264, AE stops updating the renderstatus-window at around 150frames(of 450frames) and freezes, unrecoverable, only by killing it with the taskmanager. Sometimes I get a errormessage telling about not enough memory, why? I set the RAM to 100%, 4GB (remember, the machine has 8GB) and also the cache to the 3TB RAID. So why it complains about not enough memory?


      Tried to render in 720p50, din't change anything. Ideas, please? I know it's utterly outdated, but my boss has no interest in updating to the expensive cloudservices.