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    PP CC crashes - possibly related to Mercury Playback and AMD / HD6950

    projectmodern Level 1

      I've been having a lot of instability with my set-up.


      i73770K - 32GB RAM - HD6950 2GB - Windows 8


      Computer has been and is very stable in everything but Premiere Pro CC.


      I clean re-installed Windows 8 and Adobe CC.


      I am having instabilty with drivers 13.4 and 13.6 beta.


      I think it is directly related to Mercury Playback because when I disable the GPU acceleration and go software only, it does not crash, but even on this pretty good system, it won't playback well and it's kinda sluggish hogging all my CPU unless I resort to a bunch of low-res display trickery.


      I have projects looming, so, I need to get to where I can edit on something soon.


      I guess here are my options:


      1. $$$ Buy a newer video card like a HD7950. Maybe a newer card would help? Or maybe the AMD drivers are just sketch or Open CL support is just too new?


      2. $$$ Buy an Nvidia card. Is there any evidence that Nvidia support is more mature and therefore more stable?


      3. Edit on my MacBook Pro with HD6750M. It's just not going to be as smooth and fast as my desktop with the laptop fans going off and all that. I'd rather use my beasty desktop.


      4. $$$ Bail and just go FCPX on my Macbook Pro. Seems silly since I am paid up for the CC workflow.