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    Resolving metadata conflicts

    wenda pyman

      I finally got a handle on the Keywords & hierarchies and made sure that all my keywords will export. I then went back to Title & Caption all my images.  For the 4 previous folders of images when I did that, when it told me that there was a metadata conflict, I would just hit "resolve" and it would fix it and tell me it is "up to date".  I am ONLY keywording and adding captions in Lightroom 4.4. I am not using an external editor. I have my LR images in ".dng" Now, I just finished 2 more folders and when I tried to resolve the conflict, it gave me an error message on all of them. The metadata status in the right pane says"Changed on disk" (but still shows the alert on my image)


      As a test, I selected one image and tried to resolve it but got the same message. It prompts me "save metadata to file?", informing me that the XMP will be written into my "dng" files and prompts me to cancel or continue. When I hit continue, it gives me an error message I/O and says it could not write metadata.  If I choose "Read metadata from File", it erases all my keywords and the title and caption.  I tried "updating DNG Preview & Metadata" but it just seems to stall when looking at the task bar.


      Also, what is the difference when I resolve conflict and get the message "up to date" (I assume that's good) and "metadata has been changed" (is that good or bad?). 


      I just spent hours & hours writing in the keywords, captions & titles. I'd hate to have to start over.