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    Color Balance help?


      I've been learning After Effects for several months and I have to say its a blast. I'm already in projects where they require special effects, and from months of just teaching myself

      I'm almost finally able to achieve any effect I want, for example: a bomb made to implode the earth's core with a black hole (a still picture from an upcoming super hero comedy series

      called "Zack").


      Anyways, I'm now learning more advanced  color balance, I always knew the basics and I just go with what looks good (which is how it usually works), but I never quite understood. Like curves.

      I watch tutorials and see people use a mix of colors to get the color they want. Honestly I don't know my colors in that way, is there a chart guide for color correction?

      For the colors? Please help, this is something I want to go more in depth with and learn.


      Thank you,




      Kenneth Bordes-Hollon


      Zack & Zade - The Beginning 7.jpg