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    Blue screen of death during start-up

    JakobLammel Level 1

      Hey Adobe-Community,

      I am having troubles with After Effects CC again. Every time I want to open After-Effects i get a BSOD. The last thing I can see is the opening-loading-thing (talking about that thing just the after effects version of it, logically I cant make a screencap of the AE version). I dont even get anything written in there - no "loading blabla" or "searching this-and-this" and so on - just the empty image without any information. It is like that for about five seconds before my audio starts jamming and I get a Blue Screen of Death.


      System Specifications:


      Windows 7 Home Edition - 64 Bit

      CPU:     Intel i5 2520m  2.5 GHz

      RAM:     8 GB

      Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 and Nvidia GeForce GT 555M (I think I am currently running on the GeForce - does anybody know how I can check which card I am using right now...)

      110 GB SSD - 40GB empty

      500 GB HDD - 150GB empty

      Laptop Screen: 1600x900

      External Screen:1920x1080 (always using both screens)


      Things I tried already:

      Booting in Safe Mode

      Result: Same as before - but without the Blue Screen. Just nothing happened. The Start-Up Screen of AE was showing, but again without information for about 5 minutes before I wanted to close it. Task Manager told me that there is no Application running, just a process. So that one didn't work.


      Reinstalling After Effects

      Same result as before - Blue screen and empty Start-Up-Screen


      Reinstalling my Graphics Driver

      After a bit of googling around I found some people mentioning that a Blue screen might come from troubles with my Graphics - so I reinstalled the driver from the GeForce. Same Result as before - Blue Screen.


      I was able to run After Effects without any troubles just a couple of days ago. I didn't install any Plug-Ins, any new software, I cant even remember a Software update from any other software or anything (besides the Update for After Effects and InDesign from today).


      Please, I really don't know what else to do.