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    Cannot uninstall InDesign CS3

    NIRC Level 1

      I have had the Creative Suite of InDesign CS6 on my PC (Windows 7) for some time now and it works fine. Recently, the older InDesign CS3 (which I keep because some printers still use it) stopped loading. I tried reinstalling it, but could not. Then I tried uninstalling it and could not. Finally, I got the "Adobe CS3 Cleaner" and tried it, but the message came up that there was nothing to clean. So, finallly, I deleted the CS3 subdirectory under \Program files\ and \AppData\ .

           When I then tried against  to install, the message came up" You can only install one Adobe product at a time. Please complete the other installation before installing Adobe InDesign 3."

            This is the same message I have been getting from the time I tried reinstalling.

           An ideas on how to get CS3 back again?