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    Premiere Pro CC plays audio in all cases, but no video. HELP?


      Well, when navigating through the Media Browser, a thumbnail of the clips shows up. However when I go to scrub over them with the mouse the thumbnail turns to black. when I double click on the clip and bring it into the Source Monitor, I can play and shuttle through the length of the clip, and it will play the audio of the clip, but no video. I can even make in and outs, and drag them to the timeline, and it will play the cut audio, but no video. It WILL however successfully export media and create a video file. I have already updated to the latest version of Quicktime, (had a problem with that once before, a couple of Premiere's back.) I really hope I just herp-derped something up. Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. Otherwise its back to CS6! Also, thanks very much in advance!


      Premiere Pro CC

      All updates

      windows 7 64

      Nikon H264/MPEG-4 AVC with .mov container. (CS6 had no problem)

      1920x1080 24p source file with matching sequence settings. * I did just notice that if I right click - New sequence from clip, it imports with ARRI settings. Not right, but even with right sequence settings, no video.

      JUST started using CC

      no effects applied

      Using Mercury Playback GPU acceleration w/ x2 GTX 560 TI's running SLI (Modded cuda supported cards file. Again CS6 and 5.5 had no problems with this.)

      Not running anything else in background.