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    spam masquerades as Adobe Flash update

    mungox Level 1

      moviesonline dot vehnix dot com  ( there was more but I deliberately deleted it )



      NOBODY should open that link or click on the upgrade it offers.  The screen is a very large grey popup that  says  you must upgrade to Flash 12 immediately.


      The fine print says the install includes the vendor code with some extras.   


      Avoid any random update links for any software. 

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          Mike M Level 6


          1. We are just fellow Adobe users here in the forums.

          2. Adobe CANNOT control other websites.


          If you use Firefox or Google Chrome, you DO have the option to report the page as an "attack site" or forgery through the Help menu of the browser.

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            mungox Level 1

            I suspect the spam sites automatically install McAfee or other software without a check box.  People who complain there is no option are probably right, but it isn't Adobe's fault.  

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              Mike M Level 6

              Nope... what the O.P. is referring to is malware (everything from Phishing software to outright viruses) that certain disreputable video sites attempt to install under the guise of being "a necessary Flash Player update" in order to view the video. Fake porn sites are notorious for this. The viewer believes they are installing an update of Adobe software, or a "necessary" codec to view a video that, often times, doesn't even exist. The file downloads and is double clicked by the viewer and launches the malware... or worse yet it's self extracting, and they're screwed just by clicking the link.


              Adobe CANNOT police every site in existence (not that they have the authority to anyway), and since it's "enter at your own risk" on the Internet, people need to be 100% sure of what they're clicking. Sadly, most aren't and that's what keeps repair shops in buisiness.

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                Adobe Crash Player is practically a virus.

                Ok, have you EVER seen software (Adobe Crash Player" that gets updated more often, and works worse? Gray screens while audio plays and / or just plain flat-out crashes.


                Now, Adobe tries to make you think that the audioblaster little square ads that plague you post download are "3rd party"


                Baloney. The very SECOND you dowload Adopey Crash Player, it's begins spamming you: both the audio / small square ads, and the damnable strobing ads (esp in Yahoo!).


                What a load of baloney: Not the end of the world, but you get the hell spammed out of you just for updating Adobe Crash Player, the player that's always going to crash, hang, or close on you for no apparent reason.


                Just another piece of junkware that sneak-screws you by bombing you w/ ads / and don't let Adobe Crash player tell you different: dowload, spam. That quick.                                         

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  Nobody forces you to install any Adobe software.


                  Yes, the moment you instal Flash Player, unscrupulous websites use it to bombard you with ads and whatnot.


                  Don't visit these websites, or uninstall all Adobe software from your system.