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    DNXhd QuickTime crashing any CC app

    Victor Wolansky Level 1

      Hi! Having a pretty weird issue with Quicktimes with any flavor of DNXhd exported from Autodesk Flame or Smoke, they crash ANY CC application, but they work perfectly fine on any other Adobe CS6 application, or any other application, called Dofital Fusion, Media Composer, etc...


      This happens on all of the computers where we installed CC, Mac and PC, desktop, laptop, etc, 8 machines, all the same problem...


      I think most of you are going to say, report it to Autodesk, I already did, but think, CS6 and any other app open these movies just fine, only CC crash with them..... Anyone from Adobe here that would like to get a small QT to check what is going on and get it fixed? This is extremely disruptive for our workflow and is preventing us from using CC