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    How to roll back update?

    DoctorE99 Level 1

      After installing the latest 7.0.1 update to Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder on a brand new 15" MBP Retina with 10.8.4 the Media encoder crashes when trying to render AVCHD to H.264. Encoding to H.264 crashes after about 25% of the encode in AME. Does the AME not support CUDA like Premiere Pro? I have graphics card switching disabled so the 650M should always be in use, however the errors seems to display an OpenCL error.


      7/13/13 8:22:08.706 AM ReportCrash[461]: Saved crash report for PProHeadless[438] version 7.0.1 ( to ....../Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/PProHeadless_2013-07-13-082208_ Mac.crash

      7/13/13 11:58:35.354 AM Adobe Premiere Pro CC[389]: [CL_INVALID_OPERATION] : OpenCL Error : Failed to retrieve device information! Invalid enumerated value!


      Is there a way to roll back updates? I would like to try to revert to the previous version but can't find any information as to how to do so.