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    How to get actionscript samples from remote session?


      I've tried to get data from my notebook running my swf app with advanced telemetry enabled(password-protected).

      I've created .telemetry.cfg in %USERPROFILE% folder:


      SamplerEnabled = true

      CPUCapture = true

      DisplayObjectCapture = true

      Stage3DCapture = false

      Scout shows data for connected remote swf, but in Session info it shows "Advanced Telemetry: Disabled"

      If i run same swf from my machine with Scout everything works ok and ActionScript Sampler is Enabled.

      Is there something wrong with cfg file?

      Where i can find documentation about all cfg file settings?


      I'm using Adobe Scout CC

      Remote machine: Chrome/Firefox browser with release flash player 11.8(pepper flash disabled), Windows7x32