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    Unable to import AVCHD audio (video OK) from Canon Vixia HF-M500 camcorder

    Dan~~~ Level 1

      I have tried and retried extensively by many means to import AVCHD clips into Premiere Pro CS6, but the clips always import with no accompanying audio channel. The clips themselves have excellent audio.


      I have, for example, put the SD card in both ports on my powerful ASUS i5 with Win 7 Ultimate...I have located the SD card in Premiere's Media Browser. I find the AVCHD clips (curiously) under PRIVATE in the SD file structure. When imported, they have a video track but no audio.


      I have done the same using the camera's Pixela Transfer Utility. Good video, no audio.


      In Adobe Bridge, AVCHD clips play with both audio and video.


      This is extremely frustrating, and at the moment I am unable to import into Premiere AVCHD scenes that involved significant scenery, lighting and makeup. PLEASE help.