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    Editing from Lightroom 4 to Photoshop CS5




      My Lightroom 4 is not working great these days.


      1 - When importing my photos from my memory cards, my "Catologue" area in Lightroom is GONE, no where to be found. How can I recover this!? It was pretty important to me to have this option.


      2 - When I am wanting to edit a Lightroom 4 photo (CR2 file) into Photoshop (CS5), it wont work. What will happen is Photoshop will open, that photo I edited WONT save back into my Lightroon Library, it will save into my "PICTURES" section on my MAC laptop. What I want it to do, as its done before, is save it as a edited JPEG right back into LIGHTROOM so all my images are together. This is getting extremely frustrating !! I NEEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET PLEASE ANYONE!