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    Two Proposals for Premiere CC: Distributed Computing and AVX

    jasonvp Level 3

      Hey folks -


      I have a couple of proposals for the Premiere/AME development team, and have actually already submitted them.  I wanted to spawn a discussion here to see if I was out in left field with my ideas, or if others would think them interesting.  Bear in mind: I'm about 100% unlikely to subscribe to CC because of my dislike of rental software.  BUT!!! I'm always keen on seeing companies innovate their software, and would be interested to see this happen with Premiere.


      1. Distributed Exporting With AME - Imagine having a network of machines (ie, a "farm") that users are not sitting in front of.  Each has a legal copy of AME running in the background with not much else running.  This could theoretically be accomplished through the CC application by peeling AME off of Premiere, and allowing users with known Premiere licenses to install it however many times they wanted.  From the user's workstation, they configure AME locally to reach out to the remote AMEs over the LAN whenever an export is started.  Similar to the way Apple does Compressor with Final Cut Pro (though with any luck, Adobe could do it much better and cleaner.  What a KLUDGE!)  It'll drastically increase network usage during an export, but it should also help reduce queued export times.  This assumes, of course, that the work can be properly parallelized.
      2. Intel's AVX Extensions - Here's another Final Cut Pro X bit that I think might benefit Premiere, if it isn't being used already.  A very brief explanation of AVX can be read here.  The long and short of it is: it's something available on all Sandy Bridge and newer CPUs, and should help pretty dramatically with speeding things up.  Is Adobe already tapping into these extensions?  Should they?